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Fairmont Police Department

Police Calendar 2016

Chief Kim Monroe

Administrative Police Chief Kim Monroe

Golf Cart registration form

Quality Circle Application

Fairmont Police Chief Applicaton

Law Enforcement F3 form

North Carolina Department of Justice Training and Standards website

Quality Circle Organization

Administrative Police Chief Kim Monroe and the Fairmont Police Department are striving to connect with the citizens of Fairmont in several ways.  One of the ways they are trying to connect is by creating a Quality Circle Organization within the Police Department.  Chief Monroe is passionate about the community and fostering better relationships with the public.  He wants to help bridge the gap by asking members of the community to sign up and apply to be a member.  The Quality Circle is normally a panel of five or six members who work together collectively to identify problems within the community as well as within the department.  It will also offer solutions to the targeted problem and forward their opinions and findings to the Chief for resolution.  Anyone can be a member and everyone is invited to join!

One example of a Q.C. discussion would be speeding cars in your neighborhood where kids frequently play.  The reckless driving is a potential danger and could impact the way kids play in the neighborhood or even cause a loss of life.  The organization would possibly visit the sight; identify speeders as a problem or just isolated incidents.  If it appears to be isolated incidents, the group would table the topic and move on to a more pressing issue.  If it is determined to be problematic by the organization, the members would find cost effective ways to improve or eliminate the problem and present their findings to the Chief.

An example of a departmental topic of discussion would be Officers complaining about the hot fabric uniforms they have to wear in the warmer months.  This normally leads to a decrease in work productivity, initiative and overall quality of work while downtime rapidly increases.  The organization would possibly poll the department members, compare uniforms and get opinions within other agencies and then identify or disqualify the issue as a problem.  Then follow the same pattern as previously indicated. 

No one individual within the organization is in charge as it is the organization that identifies problems and solutions.  The group for the most part is self sufficient and self managed unless intervention is needed or requested.  Chief Monroe encourages members of our community to get involved with our local government, form partnerships and continue to work together.  The Chief promises an enlightening, educational and sometimes exciting experience to those who want to be part of the Police Department’s Quality Circle.  Please fill out and email, fax or bring your application by the Police Department and someone will contact you.  Or feel free to call Chief Monroe for further information. 

You can download an application from: http://www.fairmontnc.com/Newsletters/Quality%20Circle%20Application.pdf

Building Relationships, Building Communities!

Chief Kim Monroe

New Police Car

The Fairmont Department of Public Safety purchased seven new Dodge Chargers for the Police Division with a grant and loan from USDA Rural Development.

Chief Monroe at National Night Out - August 4, 2015

Fairmont Police Color Guard at National Night Out

Detective Jacobs pitches in to ride kids around the park during NNO.

Sergeant Quiles

Chief Monroe and Training Coordinator Schmale.

Chief Monroe spoke at Pembroke's Domestic Violence Walk.

Officer Locklear spoke to kids at Rosenwald Elementary School
during Public Safety Week.

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